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I once read that if you are committed to fulfilling your dreams, you are very likely to achieve them!  My dream for a very long time has been of owning my own quilt shop, and now that dream is happening!  I also love making people happy, and i have met ALOT of very happy people in my quilting journey.  Living the Dream Quilt Shop is committed to making our customers smile every time they walk through our door!  With quality fabric, notions, patterns for sale, classes available for the newest beginner to those looking to expand their knowlege, and a sewing nook for people to get together with other quilters and work on their current projects, it'll be the next best hangout!  We also have the latest and greatest in long arm quilting - a top of the line Gammill Statler and a Grace Q'Nique 21 with hundreds of designs to choose from, we will turn your quilt top into a quilt that will be admired for many years to come, or one to be enjoyed and snuggled under on a cold winters night!  We also offer a drop off service for repairs and servicing of your machine to keep it in top running order, so please come by and check us out.  If you don't find something you need, just let us know, and I can usually have it within 3 days.  I look forward to seeing you here, making you smile, and living the dream!

Thank you!

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